3 Ways President Obama Moved People to Vote for Hillary Clinton

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President Barack Obama and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wave to delegates after President Obama’s speech during the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Wednesday, July 27, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

By most accounts on both sides of the aisle, President Obama met expectations — as high as they may have been. Certainly, not everyone agreed with the substance of his speech. But it was a speech about getting the base — and some independents and republicans — excited to vote for Hillary Clinton. Here are three important ways that the President accomplished his goal.

“Don’t Boo, Vote”

One of the most common faults that is uttered about Democrats’ messaging is that they cannot speak in soundbites as well as the republicans. One of the most important points that the President made is one he made through the shortest sentence in his speech.

He masterfully used one of the most common reactions at conventions and rallies. When the President began speaking about Donald Trump, the Convention crowd very vociferously began booing Trump. And amid the boos, the President uttered three very important words that significantly silenced the crowd. He said “Don’t boo, vote.” In three quick-witted words, he motivated the crowd. It’s easy to stand there and boo, but it’ll mean nothing unless every person goes to the voting booth and votes.

We, Not I

The President made another simple point that at once both attacked Donald Trump and praised Hillary Clinton’s approach. He, over and over, attacked Trump’s approach of identifying the problems, and telling supporters that if they merely elect him, he will fix everything and they can go about their lives.

The President went to a theme that goes back to his own original campaign. The concept of “we,” that the only way that the United States can be successful, the biggest weapon that the United States has, is that it is not about the power of one or the doings of a dictator, but the power of its citizenry working together to move forward.

Experience is not a Four Letter Word

President Obama spoke about something that has become a four letter word in recent years: Experience. In all other facets of life, Americans require experience, a resume. Somehow, when it comes to politics, experience has become a disadvantage.

Obama embraced Clinton’s experience with open arms. He said in no uncertain terms that no one — “not me, not bill, not anybody” — has been as experienced and qualified for the job of the President of the United States than Hillary Clinton. And with the same brush, he painted Donald Trump as a candidate who not only has no idea what it takes to be president, but is not even interested in learning.



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