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5 Important Facts about the Explosion at Seaside Park, New Jersey

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5 important facts about the explosion at Seaside New Jersey - citizen slant
Photo: ABC 7 NY

On Saturday, at the time that a Semper Five 5K race event with some 1,600 participants was set to begin for the U.S. Marines, an explosion caused an evacuation and a lockdown.

Here are 5 important facts regarding the what occurred.

1. Runners were scheduled to move past the location of the explosion at the time of the explosion, which occurred at about 9:35 a.m., about five minutes after the race was scheduled to begin. The location was about three quarters of a mile from the starting line. The race was ultimately canceled.

2. The reason that no runners were passing by at the time of the explosion was that the race was delayed because of the discovery of a suspicious backpack. As it turned out, the backpack was the property of a high school runner, and was determined to be unrelated to the event and contained no threat.

3. There were multiple other devices that were wired to the pipe bomb — either two or three. However, only one exploded. A photo of the garbage can where the bomb exploded shows the bottom of the can had completely been blown off.

4. The device that exploded was reported to be a pipe bomb that went off in a garbage can at D Street and North Ocean Avenue, along the race route.

5. There were about 3,000 people, including 1,600 runners, had been in the area for the event which is intended to support U.S. military. There have been no injuries or damage to surrounding structures that have been reported.

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