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5 Important Facts You Need to Know About the Paul O’Neal Shooting

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The shooting of Paul O’Neal by Chicago police officers has left many questions unanswered. Here are five things you need to know.

1. Paul O’Neal was an 18 year old Black man who was shot by Chicago police over an allegedly stolen car.

2. O’Neal died of a gun shot wound to the back which was sustained as he was running from police. The family’s lawyer, Michael Oppenheimer, has stated,

“What I saw was cold-blooded murder,” Oppenheimer said, calling the video “beyond horrific.” “You don’t shoot dogs that are running away.”

3. Initially, video of the moments before and after the shooting was released. However, video of the shooting itself was not because the body camera that was worn by the officer that shot O’Neal was not functioning.

4. CBS reports that the

“video shows officers firing into the Jaguar in which O’Neal was allegedly fleeing police. It also shows officers handcuffing and searching O’Neal after he was shot as he lay on the ground bleeding.”

5. Activists are outraged at police conduct during and after the shooting. Many have called into question whether or not proper protocol was followed.

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