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5 Important Facts You Need to Know About the Earthquake in Korea

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korea earthquake - citizen slant
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On Monday, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake shook most of South Korea.  Here are 5 important facts that you need to know.

1. According to Yonhap News Agency, a record 5.8 earthquake reportedly shook most of South Korea on Monday.

2. No damage was immediately reported.

3. The earthquake is the strongest to ever be felt in South Korea. Many have reported that it was noticeably stronger than the 5.3 earthquake felt in 1980.

4. A 5.1-magnitude tremor detected at 7:44 pm preceded the earthquake and was centered “about 9 kilometers south of Gyeongju.” The second quake was felt in parts of the country that reportedly do not usually experience tremors.

5. According to Yonhap, “Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., which operates the country’s nuclear plants, said none of its reactors including those at the Wolsong, Hanul and Gori plants, which are close to the epicenter, were affected.”

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