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5 Key Take Aways You Need to Know from the U.S. Jobs Report

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obama jobs report - citizen slant
Photo: Reuters

The most recent U.S. jobs report, which looks at the last month of the Obama economy in December 2016, shows promising trends. Here are five key take aways you should know.

1. While December marked the 75th consecutive month of job growth, only about 156,000 jobs were added in the United States. Although this may be slightly disappointing, for all of 2016, over 2 million jobs were added in the country.

2. Wages consistently grew. According to the report, in December, wages grew 2.9%. This is the best pace for growth since 2009.

3. One of the greatest indicators of Obama’s economic success is the U.S. unemployment rate. Under President Obama, the unemployment rate has gone from 10% (October 2009) to now 4.7%. This is the lowest unemployment rate since 2007.

4. The underemployment rate — a rate that includes workers that are part time and would like to be working full time — fell to 9.2% in December. This is the lowest that it has been since 2008.

5. In total, on President Barack Obama’s watch, the economy added 11.3 million jobs.


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