5 Reactions We All Had to the Call to Repeal the 19th Amendment

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After learning that Donald Trump would win the presidency if women didn’t vote, Trump supporters called for the 19th Amendment to be repealed.

Here are 5 reactions we all had.






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Polo at

And that’s why you should never try and speak for all of us.

My reaction was to laugh. It’s funny, and people are just trolling.

Anyone taking it seriously needs a psychiatrist.

stickywiggit at

This entire election I haven’t been able to tell what is real and what is a joke. Events and statements I thought were impossible and utterly unthinkable outside of satire and dystopian movies have been happening and have even become expected. We should be horrified, instead we’re numb. Tomorrow people could take up the call to repeal the 19th in earnest and I wouldn’t even be surprised. So when you say anyone who takes it seriously needs to see a psychiatrist, my response is to say that you have far more faith in humanity than I.

Stacey Williams at

I agree with you. It amazes me some of the things that happen during elections. I will be voting

Michael R. Nack at

Every right thinking person knows that Donald Trump is a dangerous joke. He makes me ashamed to be an American. I will take my family and leave the country if he is elected. But, much more importantly, we live in a nation where there are so many morons who support Donald Trump. If our citizens elect Trump, it will repeat history. The German people supported Hitler in his rise to power. We all should know how that worked out. Our founding fathers could not foresee the failure of our electoral system. They could not imagine a situation like we have today. They may be turning in their graves. We may as well elect David Duke President of the United States. Trump supporters would vote for him!


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