5 Things California Residents Must Know About SB450

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Voting Booths - citizen slant sb450
Photo: Voting booths at Hermosa Beach City Hall during California Primary (kqed news)

California elections may be changing as the result of SB450. Here are 5 facts all California residents should know about the legislation.


2. SB450 comes after complaints about the June primary polling experience. According to the Los Angeles Times, many had been critical of the June primary because of polling place mistakes and registration errors. However, these are arguably the best argument for why now is the time to finally enact change to the system.

3. Instead of neighborhood polling places, counties would open temporary elections offices, or “vote centers,” throughout various communities. Each location would offer a wide range of elections services.

4. These services would include early voting and same-day voter registration as well as a limited number of in-person voting booths.

“We’re trying to make it easier for people to participate, given the complexities of modern life,” said state Sen. Ben Allen.

5. These changes would effectively shift California elections to become more dependent on absentee ballots. Local officials would have the power to close many neighborhood polling places.

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