Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump’s Use of the Term ‘Fake’ Should ‘Set Off Alarm Bells’

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Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff says that U.S. President Donald Trump’s use of the word ‘fake’ should ‘set off alarms’ for Americans.

During CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, host Jake Tapper asked Schiff if he saw Rep. Devin Nunes’ comments regarding surveillance of the Trump transition team as an attempt to distract from the investigation into potential ties between the Trump team and Russia.

Schiff responded, “I would tell people, whenever they see the president use the word ‘fake,’ it ought to set off alarm bells.”

He continued,

“[Trump’s] tweets tell the story, and the story is ‘Look over there at leaks,’ and ‘Look over there at anything the Obama administration, we can claim, did wrong on incidental collection or anything else ― but whatever you do, under no circumstances look here at me or at Russia.’ I think that’s really what’s going on.”

The president has repeatedly suggested that former President Barack Obama wiretapped the phones at Trump Tower, but also that leaks from within his own administration are the biggest problem that he has faced since taking office.

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