Fox Host Implies That Ailes May be Behind Outrageous Trump Comment

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A Fox panel was taken aback on Thursday when a host implied that former Fox CEO Roger Ailes may have been behind Trump’s comments about Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Although Ailes has parted was with Fox News, it seems that the wound is still fresh for many at the network. The panel depicted in the video above was discussing Trump’s comments about Miss Universe Alicia Machado that were recently rehashed by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the first presidential debate on Monday, Clinton recalled that Trump was responsible for a series of attacks on Machado — claiming that he called her “Miss Housekeeping” and, according to Jezebel, “invited reporters to humiliate her by watching her work out.”

Trump made matters worse on Tuesday when he appeared on Fox & Friends to, not only minimize his statements, but elaborate by saying that she actually did gain weight. His poor judgement in making the aforementioned statement has left many baffled — including many at conservative news networks like Fox News.

“The other one that caught my attention was when he said the business about Miss Universe, Alicia Machado,” said panelist Juan Williams. “And this morning he came on Fox & Friends and just doubled down, and said, ‘You know what, she got fat.’”

Fellow panelist Greg Gutfeld responded by asking, “I wonder who’s giving that advice?” Although Williams laughed, everyone else immediately went silent.

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