WATCH: Alex Jones Gets Doused With Coffee in Seattle

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Alex Jones—the infamous conspiracy theorist/snake oil peddler who runs Infowars—visited the largely liberal city of Seattle Friday.

And when he decided to Periscope a rant about the media’s coverage of the deadly terror attack in Barcelona live from Seattle’s streets, he was predictably greeted with passersby who were less than pleased. To wit: about four minutes after the stream began, Jones was soaked in coffee and out of breath from chasing down pedestrians.

Jones began the stream holding a copy of USA Today, complaining that its headlines didn’t mention the religion of the attackers in Spain that killed more than a dozen people. He had transitioned to slamming the Trans-Pacific Partnership when off-camera there was a sound and Jones points and says “come on over here,” before walking toward a pedestrian.

“You flipped me off, come on coward,” Jones says to a younger-looking man crossing the street. “You’re not an intellectual, you’re a fake and a fraud,” Jones yells before sprinting at the man across a crosswalk.

Jones then jumped in front of the person and said, “You wanna flip me off? You’re not an intellectual, you’re a dumbass.”

A vulgar back and forth ensued.

“Fuck off,” the man said.

“No, you fuck off,” Jones responded.

“I am fucking off,” the man said, walking away.

“Hey, fuck you,” Jones said.

“Fuck you,” the man responded, giving the radio host the middle finger.

“Coward,” Jones said. After a few more expletives, the interaction concluded with Jones telling the man he was “an intellectual dumbass who watches the mainstream media.”

But Jones’ tumult in Seattle was far from over.

Out of breath, the conspiracy theorist—he has many, many conspiracies but Jones is infamous for claiming the Newton, Connecticut mass shooting of 20 first-graders was fake—soon greeted another man on the street who was seemingly a supporter. Jones soon ranted again about the TPP before saying, “These little trendy cowards want to tell people like me to F off… That’s all these people got is ‘fuck you.’ Well, you know, fuck you. Look at this [holding USA Today], these people are the biggest cucks on the planet.”

After that comment in the distance a man can be heard saying “you’re trash.” Jones whips a 180-degree turn and walks quickly toward the man.

“Come here coward, tell these people intellectually who you are,” Jones said pressing his chest against the man.

“Intellectually who I am? I’m your momma,” the man said.

“You can’t even talk, look at you,” Jones said as he seemed to bump his shoulder into the man, who was smiling and making fake laughing noises.

“This is what they’ve turned people into,” the Infowars host continued. “This is it right here, a literal slave of the system.”

It’s here the man can be seen unscrewing the top of a black thermos before tossing its contents on J0nes. The host on Twitter described the liquid as both “boiling” and “scalding” coffee, but didn’t seem to acknowledge much pain as it was dumped on him.

“That’s who they are, look at the slave,” Jones said after the coffee was tossed on him.

The man, who Jones would later call a “goblin creature,” then held the thermos like a club.

“You gonna hit me? Go ahead,” Jones said.

The man then walked away, giving the host the finger.

“This is the brainwashing,” Jones said.

“I’ve got to get to work, where they have more coffee,” the man said.

Jones then brought the confrontation for a close, seemingly connecting the man to jihadis, somehow.

“This is the brainwashing and I’m proud of this,” Jones said. “Because this is who they are—I’ve deliberately—that’s why they’re allied with jihadis because they hate the West so much.”

Minutes later, recounting the events, Jones seemed to suggest the attacks would escalate from coffee.

“I think more and more I’m gonna go to these cities,” he said. “I think I might let these people kill me. Pull out a knife, I’m just ready. I’m just ready like Christ to take our savage attacks.”

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