Republican Strategist Ana Navarro: ‘I’m Voting Against Donald Trump’

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Republican Strategist Ana Navarro: 'I'm Voting Against Donald Trump' - Citizen Slant
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Just a day before Election Day, Republican Strategist Ana Navarro made her vote public, after over a year of making her feelings about the GOP nominee very public.

She announced that though she is a lifelong Republican, she is voting for Hillary Clinton. She said that this is the first time that she is not supporting the Republican ticket.

“I voted against Donald Trump because I am Hispanic,” the Cuban immigrant said in her op-ed. “On June 16, 2015, the first day of his campaign, Trump called Mexicans ‘rapists.’ I was not born in Mexico. I am not of Mexican descent. But I knew he was also talking about me.”

But Navarro did not stop there. The former Hispanic campaign chair for John McCain’s presidential campaign continued to go point by point railing against the Republican nominee. Mentioning everyone from the Gonzalo Curiel, the judge overseeing Trump’s fraud case, to an Ethiopian cab driver whose cab she rode in who teared up telling Navarro about his worries about being deported should Trump win the presidency.

The Republican strategist and CNN commentator said that it was not an easy choice voting for Hillary Clinton. She describes how she traveled with her absentee ballot throughout the country for some four weeks before deciding. She had originally wanted to cast her vote for her mother in a symbolic gesture, but she was reminded of the 2000 election between George W. Bush and then vice president Al Gore which was decided by 537 votes in her home state of Florida.

“I thought about how I would feel if the same thing happened in 2016. I thought and I thought and I thought….Then I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton,” she wrote.

Her op-ed is a powerful takedown of Donald Trump.

“My conscience compels me to do every little thing I can to make sure a bad person is not our next president. In America, we don’t choose our leaders through violence or armed insurrections.

One vote is our right. One vote is our weapon. I am exercising mine against Donald Trump.

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