Anderson Cooper Slams Conway Over Reaction to Report on Trump, Russia Ties

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper slammed top adviser to President-elect Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway for her reaction a report on ties between Trump and Russia.

The appearance occurred just hours after Trump called CNN “fake news” during a press conference.

Throughout the interview, Conway railed against CNN and a story that it published on Tuesday night claiming that the President-elect had been presented with a report which claimed Russian spies had compromising information about him. Despite Conway’s claims, the CNN report cited unnamed U.S. officials and did not link to the documents, making note of the fact that the allegations are unconfirmed.

Trump’s top adviser said that she knew “CNN must be feeling the heat,” while vehemently denying that Mr. Trump had been presented with the intelligence. This contradicts earlier appearances where Conway stated that Trump had been given the documents during a briefing, but was not actually briefed on them — an inconsistency that Cooper sheds light on.

While CNN was the first to publish the story, Buzzfeed chose to actually publish the 35 page dossier. However, throughout the interview, Conway repeatedly conflates the two reports.
Responding to Conway’s allegations that CNN published the dossier, Cooper explained, “We didn’t report what BuzzFeed reported. Later in the segment, he went on to add, “I certainly would not have dumped all this unsubstantiated allegations. I think it’s unfair.”

“But now that it’s out there, CNN’s all to happy to refer to it, aren’t you?” Conway said.

Cooper responded by saying, “We’re not reporting it, no. We’ve mentioned none of it on the air, we have not talked about any details on the air.”

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