WATCH: Anderson Cooper Breaks Down Poll Results for Trump Campaign Manager

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On the October 11 edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, host Anderson Cooper explained what the polls really show for Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): Monica Langley of the Wall Street Journal is reporting tonight that Donald Trump’s strategy is essentially two-pronged. That he’s trying to use the split in the GOP to rally his base and trying to depress Democratic turnout. Do you believe that that is enough to win? Do you believe you can depress Democratic turnout by going after Hillary Clinton, by going after Bill Clinton? 

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Well, I think Hillary Clinton’s been depressing Democratic turnout. My goodness, why is this woman at 46 percent? She’s like the magic 46. She’s 46 percent in the new NBC News Wall Street Journal poll, she’s 46 percent in a lot of the swing states — 

COOPER: She’s ahead of your candidate, though. 

CONWAY: Pardon me? Well, Anderson, she’s running as the first female president who has a sitting president and First Lady much more popular than she’ll ever be. She’s got a —

COOPER: Your candidate is below 40 percent. 

CONWAY: Is that a question? You’re asking me about —

COOPER: Well, you’re saying 46 percent is bad, but 37 percent is worse. 

CONWAY: You asked me about Hillary Clinton. You asked me if I thought – right, one need not be a pollster to know that

Transcript via Media Matters.

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