Ann Coulter Digs Even Bigger Hole Trying to Explain Trump Comment

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In her most recent book, In Trump We Trust, Ann Coulter attempts to make the case to support Donald Trump in his presidential bid. Along the way, however, she makes some serious blunders.

As Coulter attempts to persuade readers to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, she also tries to explain some of his past mistakes.

In the chapter entitled “Disabled Reporter Joins Media Effort to Create More Disabled Americans,” Coulter discusses Trump’s interactions with a disabled reporter and the way in which Mr. Trump publicly mocked him. Rather than making any sort of a compelling case for why Trump’s behavior should be overlooked, Coulter simply proceeds to claim that Trump wasn’t making fun of the reporter’s disability, but just making fun of a “standard retard.”

Trump denied knowing that Serge was disabled, and demanded an apology, saying that anyone could see his imitation was of a flustered, frightened reporter, not a disabled person. It’s true that Trump was not mimicking any mannerisms that Serge has. He doesn’t jerk around or flail his arms. He’s not retarded. He sits calmly, but if you look at his wrists, you’ll see they are curved in. That’s not the imitation Trump was doing—he was doing a standard retard, waving his arms and sounding stupid: “’Ahhh, I don’t know what I said—ahhh, I don’t remember!’ He’s going, ‘Ahhh, I don’t remember, maybe that’s what I said!’”

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why pay attention to these freaks in hollywood some of them are baby fuckers and much more.if we ever get attacked by some enemy i pray the media the politicians and hollywwod go first


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