WATCH: April Ryan Nails Status of Republicans After Trumpcare Fail: ‘The GOP is in Meltdown’

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On CNN Wednesday, White House Correspondent April Ryan revealed that Republicans are having a “meltdown” following their most recent Trumpcare fail.

She explained,

“I just talked to a Republican source before I came on with you. The source is saying that the GOP is in meltdown about this — about healthcare. Because the president is forcing Mitch McConnell to hold a vote when there is not support for it.”

Ryan went on to state that the healthcare law isn’t about President Trump winning, but actually about the American people.

“Many of the president’s supporters are not feeling the new healthcare plan that would affect them and the ways that it would. They are not happy with this. The president is trying to force a vote. He can have all the lunches and meetings that he can call, but when it affects the Senators constituents and affects people, and people are going to these town hall meetings screaming, these senators feel it. That’s why you are hearing from the Rand Pauls and you’re seeing the women pulling away from saying yes to a vote on this new healthcare plan. It’s going to continue to be a downward spiral and he will have to call on the higher powers if he wants to see this passed.”

Ryan’s critique is especially important, considering that Trump aides have expressed concerns that Trump’s agenda will be virtually impossible to implement after the healthcare law’s failure.

Watch the clip here:

‘Republicans are in meltdown mode’: April Ryan… by sarahburris

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