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Arcan Cetin: 5 Important Facts about the Cascade Mall Shooter

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Arcan Cetin: Five Important Facts about the Cascade Mall Shooter - Citizen Slant

Less than 24 hours after Arcan Cetin allegedly walked into the Cascade Mall in Burtington, Washington, and killed 5 people, police caught up with him.

On Friday, at about 7 p.m., the 20 year old Turkish national walked into one of two Macy’s stores in the mall and gunned down four women and one man. Here are five important facts about Cetin and the circumstances surrounding the tragic shooting:

1. While it was widely reported that the perpetrator of the mass shooting was Hispanic, Cetin is a native of Turkey who is a legal permanent resident of the U.S. His victims are four women and one man ranging in age from 16 to 95 years of age. He was arrested without incident about 30 miles from Burlington.

At the press conference announcing his arrest, Lt. Chris Cammock of Oak Harbor Police Department stated that Cetin was “king of zombie-like” when he was arrested. There is no reported connection between Cetin and his victims.

A witness described Cetin’s arrest:

2. The female victims were shot at Macy’s make-up desk. Officials said that the suspect first cased the area and then left to retrieve his gun. Authorities believe that Cetin used a 22 caliber hunting rifle, and that he stole the gun from his father.


3. There are allegations that Cetin yelled out a woman’s name before opening fire, but police would not comment on it. At a press conference, Mount Vernon Police Officer Chris Cammock said “I don’t know what his motivations were. I don’t know what his motivations were to do this. I don’t know what his motivations were to continue. I don’t know what his motivations were to stop.”


4. According to the Seattle Times, one of the victims was a 16 year old cancer survivor, Sarah Lara. She was a high school student at Mount Vernon High School. She was with her father at the mall. He was outside smoking when Cetin began his massacre.

A second victim has been identified as 52 yearl old Shayla Martin, one of the people who worked at the makeup desk at the Macy’s store. Two other victims have been identified as Belinda Glade, a probation officer, and Ms. Glade’s 95 year old mother.


5. Cetin was arrested in July 2015 on assault charges. As a result, he was ordered to undergo mental health counseling. He completed the counseling in March, 2016. He appears to have completed the court ordered program and been in compliance with its requirements.

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