WATCH: Brett Baier Lets Trump Slide by With ‘Rigged’ Election Lie

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Democrats ask judge to sanction Republicans over Trump - Citizen Slant
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During the October 28 edition of Fox News’ Special Report with Brett Baier, Baier failed to challenge Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he claimed the presidential election is ‘rigged.’

DONALD TRUMP: The system is rigged when Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for president. Because what she did is criminal. What she did is — General Cartwright is potentially going to serve years under jail for doing nothing by comparison to what it she did. The system is rigged when she’s allowed to run. Because she has done many criminal acts. She’s not allowed to run. She is not allowed to be running in this election. And the FBI rolled over and the Department of Justice rolled over. They didn’t roll over for General [James] Cartwright. They didn’t roll over for General [David] Petraeus. And the many other people that are now in prison whose lives have been — when she’s allowed to run for office, the FBI rolled over.

BRET BAIER(HOST): But you could lose this election and it not be rigged?

TRUMP: I’m having a hard time myself getting by the fact that the FBI took $675,000. The man that is in charge of her case took $675,000, let her off scot- free.

BAIER: You know they say that had already happened, they tried to separate the two.–

Trump: Give me a break.

BAIER: I’m just telling you. That’s what he says.

TRUMP: Give me a break.

BAIER: Governor Pence, you’ve taken a different tone on this, you told Chuck Todd that will “we will absolutely accept the results of the election.” Four days later you said “if the vote is fair I’m convinced we will accept it.” Are you worried that somehow this could be invalid?

MIKE PENCE: Well first, let me say, I think we will win this election. I really do. I thought that from early on.

TRUMP: In which case we will accept the results.

BAIER: But this is talking about the integrity of the system.

PENCE: Bret, when Donald Trump talks about a rigged system, it’s a national media with present company excepted, a national media that has been hostile to my running mate and has been practicing willful ignorance on most issues emanating out of the years of scandal around Hillary Clinton.

 Transcript via Media Matters.


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