MUST SEE: Ben Carson’s Bizarre Explanation for Trump’s Lewd Comments

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On CNN Tuesday afternoon, Brianna Keilar prompted Ben Carson to explain his take on Donald Trump’s most recent comments. Needless to say, his response was shocking — even for him.

Keilar asked Mr. Carson if he had ever heard men talking like that, to which he responded by explaining, “Of course! Of course!”

After Keilar followed up for further clarification, Carson replied,

As I was growing up, people were always trying to talk about their sexual conquests, and trying to make themselves appear, you know, like a Don… Casanova. I’m surprised you haven’t heard that. I really am.

Keilar explained, “I haven’t heard it, and I know a lot of people who haven’t heard it.” To which Carson responded,

“Well, maybe that’s the problem. Maybe that’s the problem.”

In effect, for Carson, the problem isn’t that Donald Trump made sexually explicit comments advocating sexual assault, but that the public just hasn’t heard enough of this type of talk.

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