Bernie Sanders Makes Strongest Case Yet at DNC

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The lighted back of Bernie Sanders supporter Sanjay Patel's jacket stands out among the delegates during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday. Matt Rourke/AP

Bernie Sanders took the stage just before 11 PM to a packed audience at the Democratic National Convention to an ovation that lasted no less than 3 full minutes. He began by thanking all of his supporters, whether voters, donors, or delegates; and his family.

Then, he launched into a point by point case for why Hillary Clinton must be the next president of the United States. He went point by point why he and his followers have open ears in the democratic platform and none at the republican platform.

Why else are all of them gathered at the Democratic National Convention, and not at the Republican Convention?

Not only did Bernie go point by point why Hillary is the only candidate who should be president, but he also spoke point by point why Donald Trump should never be in the White House.

Still, Sanders went farther. He also walked his supporters to all of the ways that the Democratic Party has listened already and moved to what the Sanders political revolution is demanding.

Sanders was right. One of the fundamentals of a democracy is that you don’t always get everything that you want. The Sanders movement has to hold its head up very high as they have moved this Democratic Party very much to where they want it to be, though not nearly all the way there.

If anyone had said a year ago that the Democratic Party would make the concessions that it already has, they would have been laughed out of the room. There has been an amazing amount of progress.

Sanders was also right when he told his supporters that “elections come and go” but the political revolution that he has been advocating is something that must be fought for election after election, and that he will be there alongside his supporters and the Democratic Party to fight every day to get there. The political revolution is a movement that has to continue and has to persist in order to reach its goals and ideals.

And Sanders was also right that unless his supporters and all of the diehard believers in his vision and political revolution, band together and support Hillary Clinton, all of their efforts will have been for naught. Donald Trump does have bigotry, hatred, and exclusion as cornerstones of his campaign. Donald Trump will reverse all of the progress of this movement and indeed, of the U.S. and as Trump says “very quickly.”

It is time to band together because the leader of this political revolution is right in these three very important and fundamental respects. It is time to unite for Clinton and against Trump.



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