Bill Maher Wants to Talk to Donald Trump

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Bill Maher Wants to Talk to Donald Trump - Citizen Slant

On Friday, on his first post election appearance, Bill Maher invited President-elect Donald Trump to his show on HBO ‘Real Time.’

“I want to take this opportunity right now to invite him on this show. Look, he won. He ran a vicious, vulgar campaign and I gave it back exactly in measure,” he said on his show.

“I was also vicious and vulgar but he won and he did it his way. Nobody gets to sing that song more than Donald Trump. Everybody told him he couldn’t do this, he couldn’t do that. And he won. He did the hardest thing in the entire world to do — win the election as the leader of the free world.”

By no means was Bill Maher expressing any pleasure with the results of the presidential election. In fact, he began his monologue by comparing them to a “night after hard drinking.”

“The closest thing I can compare this to is, it’s like a night after hard drinking, you know, when you see who you’re waking up lying next to, and you’re like, ‘What have I done? Maybe if I pretend I’m asleep they’ll get their things and leave,” the comedian said.

“Can you imagine someone who has been in a coma for the last two years just waking up? ‘Hey man, you know the guy from the Celebrity Apprentice? Yeah, he’s the president now. And the Cake Boss is Pope, and Bill Cosby’s the drug czar,” Maher continued.

Ultimately, Maher maybe said it all when he told a story about Kim Kardashian. In an interview the reality star had on ’60 Minutes,’ Maher recalled, “they asked her the typical, you know, about well you don’t really have any talent, but you seem to be worth like $300 million, and she said ‘well I guess that takes some sort of talent.’

“The same can be said about Donald Trump,” Maher said.

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