MUST SEE: Bill O’Reilly in Denial Trump Has Said a “Bad Thing” About Latino Americans

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On the October 20 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly claimed that he had never heard Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump say “a bad thing” about Latino Americans.

BILL O’REILLY (HOST): But Trump, you know, he managed to swat away the scandal questions, I thought he did that fairly effectively, swatted them away. Then he said the phrase “bad hombre,” all right?


O’REILLY: And now some people are very offended by the phrase “bad hombre.” Now, I would not have used that phrase. I would have said “muy, muy malo hombre.” Alright?


O’REILLY: Now, isn’t enough enough with this demonizing? I mean, “bad hombre” now? Isn’t enough enough?


O’REILLY: Trump, how he won the nomination was mobilizing this anger, alright, about the chaos, about the illegal immigration chaos. And it is chaos. There is no doubt about it. Since Ronald Reagan’s amnesty, it has been chaos. And the government cannot fix it for whatever reason. The Trump comes in as a strong man and says “I’m going to fix it,” that has a lot of appeal to people still this day.

GOODFRIEND: Well, I would maintain, Bill, that the real appeal and frankly people on my side should be careful not to just dismiss this out of hand, it’s the economic insecurity that working class Americans feel. And I think it’s kind of bad that Trump has vilified a group of people instead of focusing where I think he is strongest. And frankly —

O’REILLY: But I don’t see the vilification.

GOODFRIEND: He becomes his own worst enemy.

O’REILLY: Look, I have known Trump for a long time. He employs a lot of Hispanic Americans, I have never heard him say a bad thing. Now, i’m not hanging around him 24/7.

But I thought that was so overblown, because I did the interview with him when he said “the rapist, the Mexican rapist” and it was clearly referring to the people who smuggle other people into this country, and who we all know abuse those poor migrants coming up from Central America and southern Mexico.

He doesn’t articulate well. And then when you confront him he doesn’t apologize or reexplain it well, and so it becomes lore, it becomes myth.

Transcript via Media Matters.

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