Some ‘Blacks for Trump’ Supporters Appear to Be White

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On Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appeared at a rally in Sanford, Florida, and for the second time in two weeks, it appears that a woman holding a “Blacks for Trump” sign seemed to be white.

The businessman turned politician has had historical struggles with minorities across the board but has received a particularly cold response from African Americans where in some polls, his popularity has been as low as zero percent. He has also been criticized for doing his ‘outreach’ to the African American community to almost exclusively white audiences.

For Tuesday’s rally, directly behind Trump’s left shoulder, a blonde woman can be seen holding a ‘Blacks for Trump’ sign. She appears to be white. A picture was snapped by a Twitter user.


Just two weeks ago, CBS News reported on a rally that Trump held in Lakeland, Florida, on the heels of the release of the ‘Access Hollywood’ recording which rocked his campaign just a few days before.

As his enthusiastic supporters cheered and waved signs with as much energy as ever, Trump attacked his opponent and members of his own party who had withdrawn their support of him.

In the sea of signs behind him were a few that said ‘Blacks for Trump.’ Among them appeared to be the same white blonde woman holding a ‘Blacks for Trump’ sign.


According to CBS’s report, “Some CBS News producers noted that these rallies can often be confusing, and signs are usually indiscriminately placed in the stands for attendees to use. And there were signs with several different messages in the crowd. She may have picked up the wrong sign.”

However, if this is the same woman as the rally on Tuesday, as it appears to be, that explanation would no longer suffice. Regardless, that there are not enough African Americans to hold all of the ‘Blacks for Trump’ signs is quite telling of how deep Trump’s troubles with African Americans is.


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