Watch Sen. Blumenthal Pull no Punches During Sessions Hearing

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In Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on whether Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions will be confirmed as President-elect Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Sen. Blumenthal pulled no punches.

During most of the day, Sen. Sessions repeatedly said that he believes in the rule of law and emphasized cases where he was responsible for defending African Americans. When Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut was questioning Mr. Sessions, he seemed like he was caught off guard.

As Blumenthal inquired as to whether or not Sessions believed in the ideologies of certain organizations that have awarded him for his service in the past, the senator asked if Sessions had ever received any “awards from the Ku Klux Klan.”

Many in the room seemed to gasp in shock. Even Sen. Sessions looked stunned by the question.

In response to Sen. Blumenthal’s inquiry, Sessions stated,

“Well, I won’t receive it from Henry Hays, I’ll tell you that… I will just say, I’ve received hundreds of awards. I… probably somehow should have made sure that any Johnson jumping off Niagara Falls, I should have reported that, probably… So I would just say to you, I have no motive in the denying that I received those awards.”

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