Here’s Bobby Jindal Contributing Absolutely Nothing to a Conversation

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A quick look at Fox News’ twitter is enough to anger even the most conservative of liberals. In their most recent display of cluelessness, they quoted Bobby Jindal as he appeared on the network. 

The tweet reads:

“.@BobbyJindal: ‘We’ve got to say that All Lives Matter. It doesn’t matter what color you are.’ #BatonRouge”

In true Fox News fashion, the network seems to be capitalizing on the recent deaths of police officers to further serve their own political agenda.

Bobby Jindal, former Louisiana Governor that had a brief stint in the presidential primaries, for whatever reason felt like he needed a public platform to say a whole lot of things that have already been said.

Well, I’m here to personally thank Bobby for his contribution. I appreciate the effort, I guess.

Meanwhile, we could actually be having critical discussion about the cops that have been shot, at least three of whom have died, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Instead, Fox News continues to crowd public space with unproductive conversation in an almost ‘I told you so’ fashion.





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