The Real Reason CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down When Anti-Trump Guest Says the N-Word

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The Real Reason CNN's Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down When Anti-Trump Guest Says the N-Word - CitizenSlant

Charles Kaiser, an author and blogger, used the n-word on CNN’s Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday while claiming to quote Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump’s senior White House counselor.

Kaiser, a frequent and staunch critic of the President-elect, was criticizing his appointments of people associated with the white nationalist Alt-Right, when he said, “If you don’t want support of the Alt-Right, don’t choose as a White House counselor a man who used the word ‘nigger,’ whose wife says he did not want his daughters to go to a school with too many Jews…”

Anchor Brooke Baldwin then interrupted Kaiser, saying, “Charles, hold on a second. I appreciate you going through all of this, but please don’t use the n-word on my show.”

“I’m sorry,” Kaiser responded. “I never use the n-word except when I’m quoting someone who has been appointed by the president to serve in the Oval Office, since this is such a disgusting moment in our history.”

After apologizing, Kaiser refrained from using the word again, instead saying the ‘n-word’ as he continued with his point.

Baldwin apparently was having an internal conversation as the segment continued as she could be seen getting more distraught. Eventually, she says “alright gentlemen — I’m gonna — we’re done. I appreciate both of your voices, but I’m still … the more I’ve sat here and listened to the fact that someone used the n-word on this show, ahhh, it is not ok.”

“Charles Kaiser, I respect you, I enjoy having you on as a guest, but…not okay.”

She also questioned his claim that Bannon used the n-word: “By the way, the claim that Mr. Bannon used the n-word — I’ve never heard of this. So there’s that.”

“Take a break,” she said while shaking her head.

Much has been made of the segment, mostly by the right, to support their war against what they call “political correctness” on the part of liberals.

Brooke Baldwin is neither a liberal nor was she being politically correct, whatever the definition of that term is.

Baldwin is not a liberal at all, no matter what she or anyone else wants to claim. That assumes that she even understands what the term means. Unfortunately, she neither has the knowledge nor the intelligence to be liberal or conservative. If she ever claimed to be conservative, they would disavow her just the same.

With regularity, her emotions lead her words, and even if that were at all tolerable, she makes statements that demonstrate that she has no ability to even grasp the subjects on which she is reporting. Segment after segment, she makes statements that are patently false, one of the recent most notables is when she made the claim that there are term limits for those elected to the U.S. Congress. What made her comment even worse was that she was attempting to ridicule then Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The bottom line is that Baldwin is simply an uninformed person who, much of the time, does not have the capacity to even become informed on the subjects about which she speaks. And that is just exacerbated by her seeming arrogance as she shamelessly injects herself into conversations with what can only be called idiotic comments.

There is no place in today’s society for the n-word. However, Brooke Baldwin’s meltdown is only a testament to her sheer shameless ignorance.


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