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Burlington Cascade Mall Shooting: 5 Crucial Facts You Need to Know

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Burlington Cascade Mall Shooting: 5 Crucial Facts You Need to Know - Citizen Slant
Photo: KIRO 7

A shooting has been reported at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, about an hour north of Seattle, Washington, where at least four people are reported to have been killed.

Here are 5 crucial facts that you need to know:

1. The shooting began just after 7 p.m. inside of Macy’s in the mall. There are two Macy’s stores in the mall. Photos of the scene show the substantial first responder presence.


2. Reports initially surfaced that there were at least three victims. That was amended, and it was reported that at least five people had been shot and killed by the perpetrator, four of them women and one man. Witnesses were interviewed at the scene and some were loaded onto a bus, presumably for further interview.


3. Washington State Patrol were initially searching for a Hispanic male in gray clothes based description given by witnesses and various footage recovered from the scene. He was spotted as he left the mall on foot and heading toward the interstate. He was identified as Arcan acetic, a 20 year old Turkish man who is a permanent legal U.S. Resident. He was apprehended within 24 hours of the tragedy.

Authorities believe that there is a single shooter. Except for the already apprehended Arcan Cetin, they confirmed that they are not searching for any other suspects. There was some speculation that the shooter was motivated by potentially relationship issues based on the fact that his former girlfriend worked for Macy’s. However, it was later determined that she did not work at that Macy’s or even at the Cascade Mall.


4. Police evacuated the mall as officers search for the suspect. Mall goers tweeted regarding their ordeal:

First responders are attempting to tend to the injured.

5. Gov. Jay Inslee issued a statement Friday night stating, “Tragedy has struck in Washington tonight. Our hearts are in Burlington where a shooter has taken the lives of at least four people.”


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