Caitlyn Jenner Speaks With Donald Trump Over Transgender Issues

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Donald Trump recently spoke with Caitlyn Jenner regarding the highly debate over transgender issues within the Republican party.  

The Hill reports that delegates are expected to debate, “whether to adopt a provision defending laws that prevent transgender men and women from using the public restroom of their choice” on Monday.

As it stands, many states are suing the Obama administration over the President’s directive that has been set in place to protect transgender students in America’s schools.

President Obama has been very aggressive in enforcing the directive and has even threatened to withhold federal funding from schools that do not comply. If they choose to continue to prohibit transgender students from using the restroom that aligns with their gender identity, they risk losing the ability to function as a school altogether.

This has not been received well by Republicans, as they see it as a direct assault on America’s schools and an effort to completely change society to “fit the mold of an ideology alien to America’s history.”

Many people have been outspoken against North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom bill’ — HB2 which prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of the gender that they identify with. In May, an op-ed from The Atlantic called the bill a “constitutional monstrosity.” Donald Trump was even quoted as saying that North Carolina was “paying a big price” for the law.

However, prior to his conversation with Jenner, Trump met with several religious anti-LGBT groups like Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. Both groups have been outspoken against legal protections for LGBT people in the past. This has lead some to believe that Trump is trying to play both sides of a very heated debate.

While Trump explained that Jenner could use whatever bathroom she wants on his properties, he was careful not to go against the party’s platform.

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