Fidel Castro’s Death Seems to Have Focused Donald Trump on the U.S.-Cuba ‘Deal’

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Fidel Castro's Death Seems to Have Focused Donald Trump on the U.S.-Cuba 'Deal' - CitizenSlant
The stage is set with Cuban and U.S. flags beforefor U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the Cuban people from the stage at the Gran Teatro de la Habana Alicia Alonso in Havana March 22, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The death of Fidel Castro, who navigated Cuba through 10 U.S. presidents, seems to have focused Donald Trump’s attention on the U.S.-Cuba ‘deal.’

On Monday, the President-elect proved that he is every bit as scattered as he was prior to the election, and will automatically assume that any agreement with a foreign government is a raw deal that can easily be negotiated. Fidel Castro passed away over the weekend and on Monday, the President-elect vowed to end the United States’ ‘deal’ with Cuba unless a better one was made.

“If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the U.S. as a whole, I will terminate deal,” Trump said on his favorite social media vehicle, Twitter.

Trump did not speak on any other media on the subject as likely, he has exhausted his knowledge of the subject ‘deal’ in 140 characters.

Some Cubans are worried that the future Commander in Chief will shut down the U.S.-Cuban trade and travel ties that have begun to emerge in the past two years since Obama’s historic decision to end decades of Cold War hostility and open an embassy in Havana.

U.S. airlines started flying to Cuba just in recent weeks and on Monday started the first regular flights to Havana in more than five decades.

Trump originally treated news of Castro’s death more as a news service would rather than a world leader by simply tweeting “Fidel Castro is dead.”

To be fair, during the campaign, Trump did speak about Cuba stating that he thought restoring diplomatic ties with the nation was fine but that he wished that Obama would have cut a better deal, though true to form, he never said what a better deal would have been or which part of the deal that Obama did cut was not satisfactory.

After Newsweek reported that one of his companies had attempted to do business in the nation while such business would have been illegal under U.S. law, the real estate mogul toughened his tune, seeking to reassure Cuban-American voters in Florida that he opposed Castro and his brother, to whom he turned over power in 2008.

On Saturday, Trump said in a statement that his administration would “do all it can” once he takes office to boost freedom and prosperity for Cubans after Castro’s death, though that goes against his isolationist rhetoric. It is also not clear what the President-elect is able to do nor anything that he is planning on doing.

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Seems to me that Citizen Slant is indeed “Slanted” to the far left political view. You seem anti- everything based solely on an emotional knee jerk. Which by the way is also true of the far right political view.
The far left is determined to undo the constitution and attempt to convert the Bill of Rights into a “List of Privileges” that they are happy to let an unjust political body dictate. Not realizing that it will be their undoing just as it was in 1930’s Germany under Adolf Hitler. You shouldn’t vest that kind of power under centralized control unless you are willing to be enslaved by those who rule.
I AM NOT. I prefer to think for myself and not follow blindly those who push my emotional buttons. In fact, that is exactly the tactic EVERY dictator and thug uses to Initially gain power.

The far right seems to think that some mythical power will save us all, without regard for personal choice. But… they are willing to fight for their rights. However… monotheism has been a divisive choice since at least the reign of Ahknaten (sp ?) all the way to present day. ( Ra, Judaism, Christianity, Islam/ Muslim faiths) all have multiple sects that have and still do practice infighting, there is no unity and no point to their existance if there is no actual, single God to unite all the faiths, yet, they persist… they let someone else do their thinking and follow blindly.
So you see, in Principal, there is very little difference IF ANY between the Left and the Right.
The two party system no longer serves America it RULES US, which is exactly the situation our Founding Fathers tried to avoid….even though they themselves were hypocrites.


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