The Annual Census Report is Likely to Shock Donald Trump

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The census report for the calendar year 2015 is out and the results are likely to be shocking to Donald Trump and his campaign. In an article published on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported progress that is demonstrated by this year’s report.

The findings focus on the drop in the nation’s poverty rate and the increase in the number of medically insured people — going from 33 million uninsured in 2014 to 29 million uninsured.

The annual census report released on Tuesday brought optimistic news to the nation, as it showed that poverty rates dropped to 13.5% from 14.8% the year prior. The median household income in 2015 was reported to be 56,500, having a 5.2% increase “the first annual income increase in median household income since 2007.” Within that, there was an increase in income for people of all races, citizenship statuses, and educational levels across the board.

It also found that,

“Last year, 1.4 million more men and about 1 million more women were working full time year-round than in 2014, the census found. In addition, workers in some 20 states saw higher minimum wages take effect.”

Many see these findings as indications of the beginning of a possible turning point in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. Although a disparity still exists in the earnings and hiring practices for men and women, and also amongst ethnic groups, this year the census reported that all people were found to be fairing better than the years before.

The number of insured individuals has also increased tremendously. According to the report, 37.1% of those that are insured are insured through a government program and 67.2% are insured through private insurance, the majority of which have insurance through their employment. Despite it’s flaws, these numbers indicate that Obamacare has been successful in getting medical insurance coverage for more Americans.

Indeed, this year the census reported signs of recovery for the American economy, but this is still simply a progress report — a work in progress to where the nation should be. With the upcoming presidential elections, it is pivotal to pass legislation that will encourage the growth of the economy in a sustainable manner, as well as promote wellness for all residents of the U.S. The next few years will be crucial as we  continue to build the nation’s economy by investing in small business, education, wellness and infrastructure — all the while making sure to be inclusive of all folks and continuing to hold business and politicians accountable. For now, this is progress report is an optimistic look into the prospect of a better future for all.


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