NY Times’ Charles Blow Slams Donald Trump on Immigration

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a Hispanic advisory roundtable meeting in New York, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016. At right is Jovita Carranza, former Small Business Administration Deputy Administrator. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Charles Blow slammed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on his now notorious immigration flip flop.

Blow wasted no time in his stinging rebuke of Trump and others in the Trump camp. After watching the debacle that was his trip to Mexico to meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, and Trump’s subsequent immigration speech, there was more than enough to be critical of.

As Blow explains, Trump,

“is not only a bully, it seems to me, but also something of a coward, who lacks the force of his convictions — or who lacks basic convictions at all. He seems to be simply playing to the audience, whatever that audience may be. He’s amenable to the mood of any particular room.”

Of Trump’s third campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, Blow claims,

“Kellyanne Conway, you are one of the best ventriloquists in politics, the way you put words in this man’s mouth. But I’m not buying it. You can repackage your bigot if you choose, but the basic contours of the man betray your efforts to remake him. And, your support and promotion of him makes you one of the most dangerous, though soft-spoken, people in America at this moment.”

In effect, Blow manages to eloquently and unapologetically say what many of us have been thinking. Trump’s apparent immigration flip flop was never really much of a flip flop and his stance on immigration is anything but clear. However, what is clear is that Conway has done a fairly effective job of getting Mr. Trump to adopt her talking points in the public arena.

Blow even goes on to invoke what is truly scary about Trump, as a person:

“This is the most frightening type of man, whose basic character is vile but not inviolable, who springs from darkness and bends toward anything that casts light, even if that light is, as the internet loves to say, a dumpster fire.”

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