WATCH: Charlotte Police Release Footage of Shooting of Keith Scott

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WATCH: Charlotte Police Release Footage of Shooting of Keith Scott - Citizen Slant

Charlotte Police released two partial clips of videos which taken by a bodycam and a dashcam depicting the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

The dashcam footage is shows the officers with guy drawn shouting commands at Mr. Scott who was inside of his SUV vehicle to the left of the picture. He then exits his vehicle and starts to walk backward toward the vehicle with the dashcam that is recording the incident. Multiple shots are heard and Mr. Scott drops to the ground.

The bodycam footage shows an officer running and arriving at the scene as Mr. Scott is shot.

Charlotte police also released three pictures of evidence that they claimed were found at the scene. They include a gun, an ankle holster, and a marijuana cigarette.


Whether Mr. Scott was in possession of a gun is a matter which is hotly disputed by the family. In fact, in the video which his wife recorded on her phone, she is repeatedly heard as saying that he does not have a gun.

For their part, the police have taken the position that as officers were waiting in their vehicle to serve an arrest warrant on an unrelated individual when they noticed Mr. Scott seated in his SUV. He did not immediately raise their suspicions.holster

They noticed him rolling a marijuana cigarette. At some point later, they also noticed him holding up a gun. At that point, the officers decided to engage Scott. They began by instructing him to leave his vehicle.

Upon leaving his vehicle, officers claim that he was holding the gun which they repeatedly instructed for him to drop. Mr. Scott then began walking backward toward the car where the dashcam is recording the incident.marijuana

Officers claim that Scott repeatedly refused to comply with their commands to drop the gun he was allegedly holding.

At this point, they claim that they felt that they were in danger of being inflicted with bodily harm, at which point, they made the decision to fire.

Multiple rounds can be heard on the footage. It is not clear how many rounds actually struck the victim.

While there are many questions that still remain to be answered, when it comes to a civil lawsuit, experts interviewed by Citizen Slant believe that the dashcam footage certainly does not look good for the police, whether or not Scott had a gun in his hand. That does not speak to any criminal concerns for the officers involved as that is a substantially different standard.

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