MUST SEE: Chris Wallace Shuts Down Kellyanne Conway Amid Russia Deflections

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On Sunday, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway Kellyanne Conway took to blasting the media’s coverage of President Trump’s Russia scandal in a desperate attempt to deflect from questions about Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

During an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, the Fox host became obviously impatient when the counselor to the president attempted to deflect from every question he asked.

Wallace finally had enough when he stated,

“Kellyanne, you’ve got to allow me to ask some questions. This week the president continued to attack his attorney general… Does the president want Jeff Sessions to continue as attorney general or — as has been suggested — is he considering him moving over to replace General Kelly as the secretary of homeland security?”

Conway then continued to deflect saying, “That’s a personnel question that only the president can answer… These MS-13 gangs are murdering innocent Americans and bringing drugs and violence into our communities.”

In an effort to get the interview back on task, Wallace said, “I understand that,” but Conway continued to ignore him. He then asked, “The question is, is he considering moving [Sessions to homeland security] if the immigration part of this is so important?”

To which Conway responded,

“I won’t comment on that but I will tell you that that the president has expressed frustration about [Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation]. And look at what’s happened with this ridiculous Russian collusion delusion. You see all these journalists, who built entire TV sets and lower-thirds and screaming graphics and breathless coverage, now slinking away this week, Chris, from the Russian collusion coverage. Why? Because you have everyone, from Jared Kushner meeting with the House and the Senate and giving his public statement.”

She added, “You have no ‘there’ there whatsoever. We were promised the next Watergate, we don’t even have water polo. We don’t have watermelon. It’s so ridiculous and the only thing I can see happening with Russia right now is this FusionGPS matter [allegedly connected to Hillary Clinton], the Senate witness who said everybody should go look over there at what’s happened. Somebody being paid by the Russians to compile a damaging dossier on Donald Trump. Again, filled with falsities and lies… Do you know how much time has been wasted away from the victims of Obamacare?”

Wallace then interrupted Conway, saying,

“Okay. Let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s talk about Obamacare… Is that the president’s plan, stay on repeal and replace, change the Senate rules, end the legislative filibuster so that you can pass a fuller repeal and replace, including selling insurance across state lines?”

Conway’s only response, however, was that, “The president will not accept those who said it’s time to move on. We’ve met with the Obamacare victims at the White House several times now. They are real people.”

Watch the clip here:

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