Clinton Continues to Increase Fundraising in June

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign reported that it raised over $68 million in June — some two and a half times what it raised in May, when it raised $27 million. The sum is likely to further widen the fundraising gap between Clinton and Trump.

On Friday, the Clinton campaign stated that it had $44 million cash on hand, some $2 million more than it had at the end of May. It said that it raised $40.5 million for itself in the month of June. It raised an additional $28 million through joint fundraising agreements which was routed to the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

Clinton’s substantial fundraising uptick in June can be attributed to the fact that she finally sealed her party’s nomination early in the month. This is likely to increase concerns amongst Republicans as Trump failed to show any fundraising bump in May – the month in which he became the presumptive Republican nominee. Trump ended June with just $1.3 million on hand, less than many congressional candidates and less than some of his rivals who had long since suspended their campaigns.

The Trump camp has yet to release fundraising totals for the month of June, only increasing anxiety on the Republican side. While it is widely expected that his fundraising will substantially top that of May, the campaign’s seeming reluctance to release actual totals are sure to fuel fears that the fundraising gap is sure to continue to increase.

For its part, the Clinton campaign does not want supporters to think that they have much of a financial advantage, nor that Trump has little or no chance of winning the election. The concern would be that fundraising for a candidate who seemingly does not need the money or is sure to win becomes more difficult. The campaign wants supporters to feel good about the campaign at the same time.

“But while we celebrate our accomplishment, we also need to be clear (but not overconfident) about what we’re up against in this election,” Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager wrote in an email to supporters on Friday.

“Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t yet announced how much money they raised in June, but Trump said earlier this week that if they come up short, he’ll simply write himself a check to make up the difference.”

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