What Clinton’s Reaction in 9/11 Aftermath Says About Her as a Candidate

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been touted as a liar and anything-but woman of the people by the right, but her reaction in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks tells another story.

Tapes reveal that, upon learning that the federal government had instructed the EPA to tell New Yorkers that the air was safe to breathe after the terrorist attacks, Clinton was livid.

“I don’t think any of us expected that our government would knowingly deceive us about something as sacred as the air we breathe… The air that our children breathe in schools, that our valiant first responders were facing on the pile.”

Mrs. Clinton appears to be raw and in awe of the fact that the government had intentionally deceived the American public.

“I am outraged… In the immediate aftermath, the first couple of days, nobody could know. But a week later? Two weeks later? Two months later? Six months later? Give me a break!”

This moment may very well be one of the most clear indicators of how Clinton’s prior experience speaks to her ability to hold office.

Clinton’s reaction shows several elements of her character, including her ability to navigate complex domestic affairs, as well as diplomatic foreign policy. In fact, following her on-site comments, Clinton continued her commitment to ensuring that those affected by the terrorist attacks knew she cared. She stood by them, truthfully, in their darkest moments.

Lauren Manning, a survivor of the 9/11 attacks, explained to the Guardian,

“I was covered and swathed in bandages… dealing with a great deal of pain, but [Hillary Clinton] captured me with her eyes. They were wide open and expressive, and they remained on mine. She didn’t lose sight of what I was saying to her. To me, that was the mark of somebody who is sincere, who you want on your side.”

Furthermore, Clinton’s commitment to helping those affected on 9/11 wasn’t just on the surface. She reportedly became deeply entrenched in learning about all relevant aspects with a focus on the health of the people, in addition to the fiscal and political obstacles. Many have suggested that Clinton’s response to the attacks, and subsequently the war in Iraq, were actually far more “nuanced and thoughtful than she has been credited for.”

“She emphasizes the UN and sanctions route, and doesn’t emphasise neo-conservative nation building,” he said. “She was very conscious that this was not a blank check.”

While she certainly displayed shortcomings in her reaction to the September 11th terrorist attacks, Clinton’s actions showcase a far more presidential approach than Donald Trump ever could.

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