CNN Cans Trump Apologist Jeffrey Lord After Nazi Salute

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Jeffrey Lord - CitizenSlant

CNN has announced that it has cut ties with Trump booster Jeffrey Lord on Thursday after the commentator tweeted “Sieg Heil!” — the Nazi salute — at a liberal activist.

Lord tweeted the Nazi victory chant at Angelo Carusone, president of the liberal group Media Matters for America.

“Nazi salutes are indefensible,” a spokesperson for the cable news giant said. “Jeffrey Lord is  no longer with the network.”

Lord, who is no stranger to making controversial statements, has come under fire many times before with many calling for CNN to cut ties with him. The controversial tweet on Thursday gained attention after several publications reported it and Carusone tweeted a screenshot of it at CNN asking that the news network comment on “on air talent issuing (in serious and non-ironic way) Nazi victory salutes.”

Media Matters has conducted multiple campaigns placing pressure on advertisers to cut ties with certain media personalities, among them, the likes of Bill O’Reilly — who was ultimately fired by Fox — and Sean Hannity.

The entire exchange between Lord and Media Matters arose out of an opinion piece that Lord wrote for conservative magazine The American Spectator — where Lord is a columnist — arguing that the actions of Media Matters amount to a “fascist game” and was an effort to interfere with Hannity’s “free speech.”

Lord was reportedly in a CNN town car on his way from his home at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to New York City when he found out that he had been terminated.

Prior to Lord’s dismissal from CNN, Carusone had blasted the network. “As evidenced by his disruptive, deceitful and disturbing on-air conduct, CNN does not seem to hold Jeffrey Lord to any kind of standard. Since CNN doesn’t apply any standards to him, then how can anyone expect them to hold him accountable? It’s impossible! CNN has given Lord an exception to their standards and allow him to act with impunity.”

Early reports suggest that Lord will not be finding a new job at the conservative Fox News either.

For his part, Lord reacted to news of his firing by sending a three letter tweet: “LOL!”

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