WATCH: CNN Panel Baffled that Trump Thought Being President Would be Easier

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President Trump told Reuters on Thursday that he thought being president would be easier than hosting a reality TV show. A CNN panel on Friday could not wrap their heads around that idea.

In fact, the panel was in complete disbelief that the president actually didn’t believe that being president would be difficult. Furthermore, panelist David Gregory said that it was “appalling” that Trump felt that way, he explained,

“It is also appalling that he has allowed himself to think, ‘Oh yeah, I could have said all these things and I didn’t know all these things and it is surprising how hard the presidency is.”

Chris Cillizza then explained that the president is surprised by the difficulties of his new job simply because he had absolutely no experience in any other type of elected office prior to occupying the White House.

Cillizza elaborated, “He’s never done anything like this before. Being a reality TV star and being the face of this company he built, as opposed to a day-to-day details manager, is not the same thing.”

However, Chris Cuomo delivered the most poignant rebuke of the entire situation, this time aimed at the media. He explained that the press shouldn’t let Trump get away with claiming that being president is a difficult job considering the fact that he told the country that fixing many of America’s problems would be easy all throughout his campaign.

“The media should be slow, rather than quick, to reward Donald Trump for candor and vulnerability. He intentionally miscast issues to further divisions and build himself a base that allowed him to ascend in his own party. Now he has to own it.”

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