What Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Told Investigators About ‘Pee Pee Tape’ Dossier

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Longtime Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen specifically addressed the now infamous ‘pee pee tape’ dossier in his statements to congressional investigators.

In an August 14 letter to the lead lawmakers in the House Intelligence Committee, Cohen’s lawyer went through point by point attack on the dossier which included salacious details of Russian sex workers urinating on the bed in a Russian hotel room rented by Donald Trump.

Cohen called the allegations in the dossier were “libelous” and warned investigators against repeating any of them. While he claimed that the memo was false in its entirety, most of the letter was spent refuting claims that the dossier made against him personally regarding his alleged role in helping the Trump campaign collude with the Russian governing in order to meddle and influence the 2016 presidential election.

The letter, which was obtained by The Daily Beast, repeats Cohen’s longstanding claim that he has never visited Prague, a claim that contradicts allegations in the dossier that he held meetings “with Kremlin officials in August 2016” in that city. Cohen also says that a claim that he played a role in an “ongoing secret liaison relationship” between Trump and Russian officials is “entirely false.”

Cohen also says that he was “not aware” of “Mr. Trump having any improper political relationship with officials of the Russian federation.” However, the letter, which was signed by Cohen’s lawyer Stephen Ryan, is narrowly focused to the allegations against him. For instance, the dossier alleges that Cohen “met officials from PA [Russian presidential administration] Legal Department in an EU country in August 2016” for a damage-control session, after a meeting “originally scheduled for cohen in Moscow… was shifted to what was considered an operationally ‘soft’ EU country when it was judged too compromising for him to travel to the Russian capital.” The longtime Trump lawyer says that the allegation is “entirely false” and that he did not “meet ‘officials from the PA Legal Department clandestinely in an EU country in August 2016.'”

Notably, he does not deny being in an EU country in 2016, although he does cite to his passport — as he has repeatedly — that he has never visited Prague.

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