The Most Common Reason Trump Aides Are Afraid to Quit: ‘You Have No Idea How Much Crazy We Kill’

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As President Trump’s popularity continues to plummet amid dwindling hopes that he can pivot to becoming presidential, Trump aides have come under increasing scrutiny to leave the administration.

The latest gaping crack in the dam has come after Trump’s widely criticized comments equating white supremacists and Nazis to counter-protesters. The President’s remarks caused a sea of the country’s top business leaders to flee from two advisory councils — ultimately forcing their disbanding — and Republican lawmakers to level harsh criticism condemning the comments.

Trump’s conduct has also highlighted his seeming inability to act as a leader, to push forward any agenda, or to simply publicly control his temper, even when confronted with the most basic ‘softball’ situations, such as condemning racists and Nazis.

As calls increase for his aides and cabinet to resign, some are privately saying that they are simply afraid to for the good of the country. “You have no idea how much cray stuff we kill,” said one source to Axios. That appears to be the most common reason given — the importance of having mentally sane, knowledgeable, smart people around the President in order to help fight off some of his worst impulses. According to Axios, “If they weren’t there, they say, we would have a trade war with China, massive deportations, and a government shutdown to force construction of a Southern wall.”

At the same time, aides commonly dismiss Trump’s public image saying that he is really not as bad as he appears on TV and on Twitter — that he is more reasonable than he seems. However, they are still increasingly losing hope that he will ultimately listen to “his better angels.”

And then there are those who admit that they enjoy having the power of being an operative within the White House. That power is substantial even at a White House which is as inept and chaotic as this one.

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