WATCH: Congressman Apology Fail for Saying Charlotte Protesters ‘Hate White People’

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WATCH: Congressman Apology Fail for Saying Charlotte Protesters 'Hate White People' - Citizen Slant

On Thursday, North Carolina congressman Robert Pettinger, whose district includes some of Charlotte and its suburbs, attempted to apologize for his comments to BBC earlier in the day where he claimed that the Charlotte protesters ‘hate white people.’

Appearing on CNN this time, specifically to apologize for his comments, he responded to host Don Lemon in what turned out to be a doubling down on his comments while including the words ‘I apologize.’

Rep. Pettinger continued to repeat his claim that the Charlotte protesters ‘hate white people,’ except that this time, he blamed the claim on the Charlotte protesters, themselves. His apology was apparently for laying claim to the statement.

As Don Lemon pressed him on his claim, he continued to repeat it without pointing to any person or any other support. Pettinger then continued to dig himself deeper by providing the reason that the protesters ‘hate white people’ by essentially saying that they are jealous of white people. He went on to repeat his earlier claim that his state was a welfare state, implying that African Americans are the primary and deliberate beneficiaries of it.

He may claim that he misspoke when he made his initial comment — even though, it is hard to imagine how he could have done so — but when he appeared a second time to apologize, he proved that he believed exactly what he said. Whether he made the statement or believed that protesters made it, the fact that he knew the reason for the sentiment, by itself demonstrates that he believes that African Americans are inferior and that it is up to the white race to hand out favors to African Americans so that they can stand on their own feet.

In his apology, even more than in his initial claim, Pettinger proved that racism and the belief that the white race is superior (to the extent that differs in any way from white supremacy) to African Americans in alive and well in the U.S. even after all of the strides that have been made over the past decades. While many want to believe that this type of racism is some fringe element, the reality is that it is not — it is so mainstream that it is walking, breathing, and advocating in the U.S. Congress.


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