Kellyanne Conway has Twitter Tantrum Over Media Call Out of “Bowling Green Massacre”

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Following Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s assertion that the media failed to cover a massacre that never happened — “Bowling Green massacre” — Conway took to Twitter to throw a tantrum over the media calling her out on her lie.

Conway claimed that the media failed to cover the fictitious massacre, while also citing it as justification for President Donald Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.

In an attempt to fire back at her critics, Conway posted a string of tweets on Friday to defend the basic premise of her argument…. while simultaneously acknowledging that the massacre in question never actually occurred.

In one tweet, Conway linked to an ABC News story that reported on refugees living in Bowling Green, Ken. that were suspected of having terrorist ties. Following the investigation into these individuals, it was revealed that two Iraqi refugees had been sending money to fund al Qaeda in Iraq. However, the investigation did not show any additional terrorists that were posing as refugees.

Conway also attacked reporters for not asking her for clarification on her statements, implying that it is a journalists responsibility to prompt her to clear up what she means, rather than her own responsibility to accurately state information or correct herself if she misspeaks.

However, Conway’s Twitter tirade didn’t end there.


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