WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Outrageously Blames Democrats for Threat to Veterans Benefits Under Trumpcare

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Trump’s healthcare bill, which was passed by the House on Thursday, would strip veterans of several benefits. Kellyanne Conway seems to think that the Democrats are responsible.

The bill would effectively strip veterans of tax credits and also place them in high-risk pools because post-traumatic stress disorder would be considered a pre-existing condition.

Conway asserted, seeking to shift the blame and divert from Trump’s actions completely, “Where the hell were those Democrats – excuse me – when veterans were dying waiting for care?”

She also added that she didn’t see Democrats on TV when veterans were “dying for care and deserved better.” However, Conway failed to make the connection that, even if the Democrats had failed veterans, Trump is not providing a more viable option. In fact, his bill makes their veterans’ access to healthcare more difficult, as it creates new barriers for them to get the treatment that they need — at least through an affordable means.

Trump sang a decidedly different tune throughout his 2016 presidential campaign. He vowed to improve healthcare for veterans and even went so far as to say he would overhaul the VA system. Furthermore, Trump said that he would hold VA employees accountable and even wrote an executive order that would allow whistleblowers within the VA to out their coworkers.

Watch the clip here:

‘Where the hell were those Democrats… by sarahburris

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