WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Grills GOP Congressman Duffy Over Russia Probe Flip-Flopping

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During an interview with Rep. Sean Duffy, CNN host Chris Cuomo was fixated on why the Wisconsin Congressman continued to flip-flop over the issue of special counsel in the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Duffy explained to the CNN host,

“Listen, I didn’t approve of [appointing a special prosecutor]. I think with a House, Senate and FBI investigation, it wasn’t needed. But now that it’s there, I’ll support it. It doesn’t make any sense to push back on a special investigation.”

Cuomo then prompted Duffy regarding Mueller, asking if he was the right choice, to which Duffy responded that he’s too new to public office to have any idea.

The CNN host then asked, “Why support something you think is a bad idea?” However, Duffy’s excuse was that he simply cannot do anything about it.

Cuomo quickly followed up, saying, “That doesn’t mean you have to support it. You can say, ‘I didn’t think this was a good idea. It’s still a bad idea.”

Despite this, Duffy continued to claim that he took issue with the fact that there was not simply one investigation, but four or five into this issue:

“So, what now, three investigations aren’t enough, we want four investigations, do we want five? How many investigations are appropriate to look at this information about Russia? I don’t think it’s necessary.”

In a similar vain to President Trump, the Congressman then turned to the media, criticizing them for being obsessed with the story.

Then, Duffy showcased his flip-flopping when he stated, “I’m not buying into the fact that there was any collusion between president Trump and Russia.”

However, Cuomo was quick to remind Duffy that he can’t know whether it was one way or the other.

“How do you know there was none, how do you know there was? You can’t know. You don’t know the proof,” Cuomo quipped.

Oddly enough, Duffy then agreed with Cuomo, but then took it a step further and said that Cuomo doesn’t have all of the facts, either. Again, he turned to the media and blamed cable news networks for being “a flame running stories about collusion.”

Cuomo fired back,

“But it’s equally wrong… if you don’t like that people are artificially saying there was collusion, to say artificially there was no collusion is equally wrong, right? You’re not being better in that solution, it’s a manifestation of the same problem.”

Watch the clip here:

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