Dan Quayle Walked Past Trump Tower Press Pool Unnoticed for his Meeting with President-elect

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Dan Quayle at Trump Tower - CitizenSlant
Photo: ABC News

Former Vice President Dan Quayle must have been a completely unexpected visitor to Trump Tower as he managed to sneak by the press pool unnoticed for a meeting with the President-elect.

Apparently, Quayle was not there for a Cabinet position or to give Trump any advice as is typically the purpose of visits these days. “I was i the area and I stopped by to see the President-elect to offer personal congratulations to him. I talked to him recently on the phone,” Quayle told reporters after he emerged from the meeting.

“Things are in good hands. He’s moving forward and he’s going to make American great again,” said the former VP, repeating Trump’s campaign slogan.

He also confirmed that he had breakfast with the Vice President-elect Mike Pence earlier in the morning.

The former Vice President is one of the President-elect’s early backers having thrown his support behind him in May before he became the Party’s nominee, expressing his confidence that the businessman could beat Hillary Clinton.

In an interview at the time with the ‘Today Show,’ he said, “I’m going to support the nominee, and I predict that most people in my position or people that have been in the Republican Party for a long time will rally around the nominee.”

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