David Duke Has Jaw Dropping Exchange with Debate Moderator

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David Duke Has Jaw Dropping Exchange with Debate Moderator - Citizen Slant
Photo: Politico

Former Ku Klux Klan leader, and Republican Senate candidate David Duke had a stunning exchange with his opponents and the moderator at the Senate debate in Louisiana on Wednesday night.

Duke began to explain his past conviction for tax fraud stating that it was a result of being “targeted by the government,” at which point the moderator John Snell interrupted him. Duke then became visibly upset with the moderator, at one point calling him a “hypocrite.”

“Would you not interrupt me and give me my time? Look you are not one of the debaters here, I’m sorry,” he said as he began to shout. “Let me rebut, let me rebut,” he continued to shout as Snell tried to repeat the question.

“See you are not a moderator, you are a typical media hack. You are going to silence me now? You are going to silence me now?” Duke yelled.

The candidate continued to yell and shout over Snell and other candidates until the moderator finally gave him time to say what was on his mind.

The debate moved on from that exchange and moved into another testy exchange where the moderator confronted Duke with a blog post on his website criticizing “CNN Jews.”

Arguing that Jewish people are making large donations to the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Duke said:

“Well we have to start talking openly about any subject … and there is a problem in America with a very strong, powerful, tribal group that dominates our media and dominates our international banking.

I am not opposed to all Jews, I think there are a lot of great Jews. I think there are a lot of Jews I honor, but let me tell you something, I am against Jews or anybody else that puts interests of some other place, another country over our own country.”

Duke was among a group of six candidates debating on Wednesday. The others included Republican candidates State Treasurer John Kennedy, Rep. John Fleming, and Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., and Democrats Foster Campbell and Carolina Fayard.

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Charlie Bear at

I only know what I know about David Duke through the media; I was aware of him many years ago as he was running for some office. Though I do not share his values and those of his organisation, he has every right as an American Citizen to be heard during a debate where he is being slammed, suppressed and verbally attacked. It’s Un-American and not who we are as a nation.


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