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Delta CEO Bans Disruptive Donald Trump Supporter After Video Surfaces of His Rant

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Delta CEO Bans Disruptive Donald Trump Supporter After Video Surfaces of His Rant - CitizenSlant
Photo: CNN

Delta Airlines has banned a passenger for life after he rudely professed his support for Republican President-elect Donald Trump and insulted those who did not on a flight to Pennsylvania.

The ban was instituted directly by the company’s CEO Edward Bastian who in an internal memo said that the airline is also refunding the cost of tickets for other passengers on the November 22 flight from Atlanta to Allentown.

“This individual displayed behavior that was loud, rude and disrespectful to his fellow customers,” Bastian said in the statement. He added, “We must require civility on our planes and in our facilities.”

A video posted on Facebook by a passenger who has been identified as Emma Baum shows a man standing in the aisle, yelling and insulting supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Ms. Baum also released the video to news organizations.

Ms. Baum told The Morning Call that as the passenger became animated, jumping out of his seat, she began recording him on her cellphone.

In the video, the man yells out asking: “We got some Hillary bitches on here?” he then claps and yells Trump’s name a few times while other passengers appear to be trying to ignore him, with some trying to look distracted by phones and tablets, and others just sitting with crossed arms.

“If you don’t like it, too bad,” he yells, referring to Trump’s victory.

A Daily Beast reporter also tweeted a copy of the video.

The airline had previously apologized over the man’s conduct. The decision to ban the passenger came after the airline received criticism on social media for its initial response.

Bastian said the crew questioned the man and made the best decision they could considering the information that they had. “However, if our colleagues had witnessed firsthand what was shown in the video, there is no question they would have removed him from the aircraft,” he wrote. “He will never again be allowed on a Delta plane.”

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