The Demographics Groups are Looking to for Change this November

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Many groups are looking to mobilize two key demographics in the hopes that they will make change in the November election: women of color and low-income women.

As the Washington Post reports,

“A coalition of groups focused on issues affecting women of color and poor women has launched a campaign to ensure that its concerns are not overlooked by candidates on the ballot this fall.”

The coalition, We Won’t Wait 2016, hopes to hold about 500,000 so-called “kitchen table conversations.” The goal of these conversations is to mobilize women of color to be outspoken and vocal about the issues that are important to them and out to the polls this November. Among those issues is economic security, social justice, and issues related to family care.

Tracy Sturdivant, a spokeswoman for the campaign, explained:

“Women of color are key to the outcome to every election, but even with those numbers our issues are often forgotten… This election cycle it is so important for us to focus on all of these issues from an intersectional frame.”

We Won’t Wait 2016 recognizes that “women’s issues” are much more complex than simply reproductive rights, especially for low-income women and women of color. For these groups, many issues come together to inform how they go about their daily lives — paid sick leave, immigration reform, gun violence, and healthcare access are all, in effect, “women’s issues.”

Between now and November 8th, the group hopes to hold it’s “kitchen table conversations” in communities across the country in many forms, from small gatherings to video conferences. A summit has been planned for Sept. 19-20 at National Harbor, Md., near D.C. At the summit, activists will work on a strategy to continue to work to mobilize women of color and low-income women to vote.

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