Dems Map for Senate Majority Has Improved, but not Everywhere

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Dems Map for Senate Majority Has Improved, but not Everywhere - Citizen Slant
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As Donald Trump’s campaign continues in a downward spiral, the map for Democrats to capture the senate majority has certainly improved, but not in some of the places for which they had very high hopes.

On Tuesday, the Miami Herald reported that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) canceled its advertising reservations in support of Rep. Patrick Murphy who is running against former presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida.

The DSCC had clearly held out high hopes for Murphy, especially since Rubio had originally signaled that he would not be running for re-election, as it had reserved some $10 million to help Murphy’s campaign. Once Rubio reversed course and started seriously campaigning, it became obvious that Murphy was facing an increasingly uphill battle.

The committee has also decided to pull funding in Ohio where senate hopeful and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has been consistently trailing incumbent Senator Rob Portman by double digits. Ohio has been the most notable of the battleground states having voted for the victor in each presidential race since 1960. However, in recent years, it has begun looking increasingly like a Republican leaning state based on its demographics which significantly lend to the Republican Party message.

The DSCC has shifted money out of Florida and Ohio to concentrate on races in Missouri and North Carolina which have become much more competitive in recent weeks, with GOP incumbents who are looking increasingly vulnerable.

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