Black Lives Matter Activist Deray Mckesson Arrested

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Deray Mckesson - citizen slant

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist, Deray McKesson, was arrested at around 11 PM Saturday night. He was participating in a march organized in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was shot to death earlier this week. 

McKesson filmed his arrest through Periscope, an app that that records and posts video footage.

According to the Washington Post, Brittany Packnett, a cofounder with McKesson of the group Campaign Zero, was a witness to the arrest.

“The officers won’t give their names,” said Packnett. “He was clearly targeted.”

She continued to say that McKesson was using his phone to livestream the protests, when police began to forcibly disperse the crowds. McKesson was walking with a group of eight people, when police told him that he had been “flagged,” and if he left the sidewalk he would be arrested.

Shortly after, Mckesson was placed under arrest by two officers.

The footage captured by McKesson reveals a verbal exchange between the officers and protesters, before an officer is heard saying:

“You in them loud shoes, if I see you in the road, if I get close to you, you’re going to jail.”

In response, Packnett says from the side,“we’re on the shoulder. There is no sidewalk, sir.”

Moments later, McKesson is arrested by police.

“I’m under arrest, ya’ll” Mckesson is heard saying, before the phone is knocked from his hand and the footage of the incident ends.

Huffington Post reports that Packnett then picked up McKesson’s phone and continued to stream the aftermath of the arrest.

“He was standing on the side of the road. He was not disobeying police officers whatsoever. He was snatched and grabbed,” she says.

Wesley Lowry, a reporter for the Washington Post, said that McKesson and 33 others were taken to a holding cell.


The twitter hashtag #FreeDeray has been trending since the incident. Many users have taken to the social media site to express their solidarity with McKesson.


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