Des Moines Register Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

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The Des Moines Register, one of the major publications in battleground Iowa, has endorsed the Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton for president.

The Register made the case that in this election, there is no reasonable alternative option — that Hillary Clinton is the only choice. The Editorial Board said:

“For those who believe America should be a beacon of a hope in a world ravaged by terrorism, that it should be a force for good and that its leaders should embody all that is best about this nation, there is only one choice for president: Hillary Clinton.”

Acknowledging Clinton’s critics, the Editorial Board agreed that she may be too secretive and distrustful of the press and the public, but it said that this pointed to an important issue — that “these are characteristics that would have prompted almost anyone else with her background to retire from public life and seek employment in the far more lucrative private sector.”

It said that this shows that Clinton took “the path of greatest resistance, choosing to remain in the public arena where, for almost 40 years, she has fended off an unrelenting barrage of politically motivated attacks while fighting for social justice.”

“The Democratic nominee is intelligent, experienced and respected by our allies around the world,” said the publication. It also lauded Clinton’s accomplishments, such as her contributions to children’s healthcare, health benefits for 9/11 first responders, and foreign policy.

Importantly, it took care to point out that the case for Clinton’s presidency is in no way because of the significant deficiencies of her opponent.

“The case for a Clinton presidency could easily be made even if the GOP nominee wasn’t Donald Trump, a man who has never held public office, never worked in the public sector, has no experience in foreign relations, and has relatively few political allies even within his own party.”

At the same time, the Register pointedly argued that the Republican nominee is not a serious choice — not when it comes to the presidency of the United States. And it also made the point that Trump is a candidate that is unwilling to even take any steps to address his disqualifying deficiencies:

“Trump could try to compensate for those deficiencies by surrounding himself with experts and assembling a cabinet modeled after Lincoln’s “team of rivals” — highly qualified individuals who disagree on matters of policy. But Trump’s defining characteristic is his distaste for dissent. It’s inconceivable that a Trump cabinet would be anything more than a coterie of like-minded hand puppets. Faced with protesters at rallies, he encourages his supporters to respond with violence, and he professes to know more about defeating ISIS than our top generals — an audacious claim for a real estate developer who might soon control our nuclear arsenal and have the power to send our sons and daughters into war.

The Register is highly critical of Trump’s attacks on virtually every segment of the American people — from the disabled, to women, to minorities, to prisoners of war. The Editorial Board is all but insulted at Trump’s candidacy as it says “Then he looks at America and asserts, as he did in Nevada just two weeks ago, ‘I am a reflection of you.’ It’s up to each of us, as voters, to disprove that statement and proclaim to the world, ‘we are better than that.'”

The Des Moines Register wisely points out what Franklin D. Roosevelt said many decades ago, that “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.”

The paper said that “Democracy itself is threatened when its care is entrusted to individuals who are neither statesman nor thinkers and who would abuse the powers of their office to silence opposition and retaliate against their political opponents,” clearly referring the Republican nominee.

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