‘Let’s Hope Diet Coke Button Is the Only Red Button He Pushes’: Morning Joe Gives Stark Warning About Trump

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On Friday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough revealed that U.S. President Donald Trump asked for, and later ignored, his advice regarding sending out Sean Spicer to rebut reports on his Inauguration Day crowds.

Scarborough explained that acquaintances in the White House called him Jan. 20, asking for his advice regarding pushback to reports that claimed that his Inauguration Day crowds were far less than former President Barack Obama.

The “Morning Joe” co-host explained,

“I said, ‘I think it would be a disaster, I think it would be the stupidest thing,’ you know, ‘You better stop it, you’re going to — it’s a horrible way to start it.’ Then they called back after (Sean) Spicer’s press conference, and I said, ‘You all look like fools.’”

Later that night, Trump called Scarborough and the MSNBC host explained why the complaints would be a bad idea. He said that, at this point, he had realized that the presidency had already changed him.

“He just — he didn’t get it. It was a different guy, you could just tell. He was completely mesmerized by the office he was in, and the surroundings, and I called Mika and said, ‘He’s gone — he’s lost. The guy that we have known is now in a bubble and any chance for anybody to get to him seems to be lost.’”

The MSNBC host continued, adding that he could hear in the president’s voice that he had been “taken” by the office, and for some reason Trump could not stop talking about the White House phone system:

“I can tell you as somebody that knew him for over a decade, it was subtle, but I knew immediately he was inside that bubble and he had changed. I will say there are a lot of things in Donald Trump that I have seen and other people that have known him for a decade that don’t recognize him now.”

Scarborough’s co-host, Willie Geist, then agreed that the president had been changed by the presidency, using the way in which he shows off the red button he pushes on his desk to get a staffer to bring him a Diet Coke as evidence.

Scarborough then said, “Let’s hope that’s the only red button he ever pushes.” He went on to claim that there’s no point in wondering who could possibly talk some sense into the president when he’s feeling impulsive, as he often is.

“One of the things he did say in that (January) conversation, I (asked), ‘Who is the person you can talk to and come in and stop you and make you think twice about it?’ and he said, ‘I am that person,’ I said to him, ‘That’s unfortunate.’ He said, ‘I know you don’t like that, but that’s how I’ve run my career and that’s how I’m going to run the White House.’”

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